Just need a yoga mat, no matter where you are, you can let yourself thin out the vest line

Many girls are desperately trying to get rid of the vest line. They insist on dieting and exercise every day. Occasionally, because of the trivial break, the time for practicing the vest line is extended. Xiao Mi tells you that it is not so difficult to train the vest line. You only need a yoga mat. You can easily build the vest line whenever and wherever you want. Come and practice the following style with Xiao Mi.


1. The legs are close together and the body is flat on the mat;

2. Straighten your arms up and prop up the upper body;

3. The head leans back slightly for 30 seconds.

This style is mainly to relax the body, relax the muscles of the whole body, lay the foundation for the following body style, let the body stretch the muscles better and more fully when doing the following posture, prevent the damage caused by the muscle stiffness, affect the exercise effect. .


1. The legs cross the knees and sit on the mats;

2. Place your hands on your knees and take a deep breath to relax your body;

3. Maintain this action for 30 seconds.

This posture can effectively promote the blood circulation of the whole body, adjust the surrounding atmosphere, let the surrounding breath concentrate on the abdomen, maintain the normal heat required for bodily functions, consume excess energy, excrete excess water, balance the rate of metabolism, but do Be careful to keep your mind calm and not be anxious.


1. The disc sits on the mat and the legs are bent inward;

2. The left leg is raised straight to the left side on the waist side, and the toes are straightened upwards and grasped by the right hand;

3. The body leans slightly to the right, and the left hand naturally sag to maintain the body balance;

4. Do this for 15 seconds and change to another leg.

This style is mainly to stretch the muscles of the waist by stretching the muscles of the legs, making the waist more powerful, moving the muscles around the side of the waist, eliminating excess flesh on the side of the waist, so as to be more conducive to the vest line. form.

1. First, stand steadily on the ground with your legs together;

2. When the left leg is bent forward, the right leg is straightened backwards, and the posture of “pressing the leg” is made;

3. The hands are straight up and slightly extended backwards, and the palms are opposite;

4. After this posture is held for 15 seconds, the right leg is forward and the left leg is backward.

When doing this pose, pay attention to the front and back toes, the waist slightly backwards, and the back straight, so that you can stretch the waist muscles better, thus eliminating the abdominal fat and shaping the slender muscle curve.

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