Yoga round yoga mat, practice yoga or use the appliance, do more with less

Beautiful body, pay attention to me to meet more beautiful body

Many people complain that the routines of some things are too deep, because you have not learned how to coordinate. The same is true for practicing yoga. Not only does it require your own efforts, but it also allows you to take a lot of detours with the help of auxiliary equipment. Are you ready for yoga mats and yoga rounds? Let’s start our refining today.


Before practicing yoga, it is best to do some warm-up exercises to get the best out of your body. You don’t know that the simple yoga posture of “handstand” can make your whole body warm. Although the inverted posture limits the movement of the hand, it gives the leg more inspiration.

Eagle inverted

The second individual we learn today is the “eagle-inverted”, which is actually a variant of the inverted three-dimensional. At this time, the yoga mat played a big role, at least when the body was refining, the palm would not be injured. This style requires the arm to be very powerful. After standing straight, the body is placed into a lower dog-like posture as a starting point. After standing upside down, keep your knees bent and place your left leg on your right leg. This style not only makes the body more beautiful, but also exercises the coordination of the body.


The “handstand” style has endless changes, and the key point of the third individual style is the stretching exercise of the legs. After standing upside down, the head leans back slightly, and the forehead touches the yoga wheel to relax the stiff muscles on the back. The legs are laterally opened to the sides of the body, in a straight parallel plane. This form of strong arm muscle also increases the medial thigh ligament.


“Wheel” and yoga wheel are more suitable. With the help of equipment, I believe you can last longer. If you are still worried about the color, then you must practice this style. It accelerates the blood circulation inside the body and makes your face more moisturizing and nourishing, more effective than tonic. And the yoga wheel can also help the active hip joints, which is really a good idea.

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