With just a yoga mat, you can open a new world of sports

Yoga mats are equipment that must be prepared to practice yoga, but in reality many people do not use yoga mats. Today, let us fully use yoga mats to practice. What are you familiar with the practice of today’s practice?

Sitting angle

Today, the first individual style is a sitting angle. You may not be familiar with the sitting angle. It is also very popular in the popular name. This posture allows the ligaments on the inside of the leg to be exercised to make the ligaments more elastic. If you have not done this before, it is recommended to adjust the angle between the legs according to your own situation to prevent excessive muscle strain.

Eight-body cast variant

This style can also make full use of the yoga mat to achieve the desired effect. The eight-body cast is the sixth individual in the yoga worship style, and its last action is the peak. Today I am studying the eight-body cast-style variant. First, the right knee is placed on the left leg on the right leg, the body is tilted downward, the chest and shoulders are close to the ground, and the hips are lifted up. This style is also very suitable for thinking about problems, when you do this action, the mood is very calm.

Lying horizontal variant

Lying flat on the yoga mat, the legs are straight, and the right leg is bent and the left hand grasps the thumb of the right foot. Be careful not to bend your back at this time, and do not shrink your neck. After that, the right leg is lifted straight toward the head, the waist is off the ground, and the left leg is hooked back, which allows the right leg to stretch upwards to the maximum extent. Irregular menstruation, people with unstable volume can practice this exercise more, and the body will become healthier.

Enhanced side extension variant

People who often feel that the back muscles are stiff and the legs are weak are trying to strengthen the side extension type to ensure that the medicine is removed. Standing naturally, the distance between the feet is greater than the shoulder width. Lift your hands up from your side and your arms parallel to the ground. The waist is twisted to the right while the cross and feet are also turned to the right. Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot to the right 75 degrees. The body is tilted down so that the head is close to the right knee, the hands are extended backwards, and the back of the left leg is aligned.

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