The emergence of smart yoga mats will help people better. Let’s take a look.

Nowadays, everyone’s life has changed a lot. From mobile phone to the Internet, it has always brought us convenience. Recently, a new smart yoga mat has been created. Let us look at what features it has.

Many of us have our own healthy lifestyle, and in the fast-growing cities, we face high-intensity work pressure every day. It is difficult to do something that we like, so we will do it at home. Some simple activities to alleviate the emotions to relieve stress, but many movements do not have such a standard to find a teacher, but there are many sacred objects in time to cause a lot of trouble, its emergence allows us to not go out of the house You can practice, and you can reach some of the standard postures.

From the shape we can see that there is no obvious difference from the ordinary one. In fact, it only has a relatively evenly distributed conductive object in the upper and lower layers of the mat. It can be rolled up without using it. Put it aside, you can see from the side that it is a three-layered object connected together, the middle layer is its most important part, using PVC material not only can not change shape under high temperature, and It has a piezoresistive sensor that can feel our palms and other parts of the body, and its lifespan is still very long.

And it’s also very simple to use, you can connect them with Bluetooth or a mobile phone, fill in some basic details of your body, then lie flat on it so that it can measure our wingspan and other proportions to record some data. These are for the convenience of us to prepare more accurately during the practice, and it will also require people to complete some basic actions to supervise the quality of our completion, its voice can correct our position and practice time. Gravity distribution, and it also has visual recognition function, which can more accurately see the center of our body to balance our state. After you complete the task, it will also display a message to the user to see the completion of everyone’s preparation. We help us adjust to the best through the form of pictures. We will keep track of each exercise and score our performance.

If a friend visits your home, you can let her experience it. At this time, there is no need to enter information. It can automatically identify the sixty different actions that the user has made. We can connect to ourselves. Tablet, see if everyone’s movements are normative, you can do better counseling, just like your own little teacher, you can see where you are standing, and estimate the weight added to the area so that we can make I am less vulnerable to some injuries, and I have added a lot of skills. Not only yoga, but also some functions such as Pilates.

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