Want to have abdominal muscles? Vest line? 1 yoga mat may help you solve it, try it out

Want to have abdominal muscles? Vest line? 1 yoga mat may help you solve it, try it out

First of all, then we should do a warm-up exercise first, put our back close to the floor, then lift our legs and use both hands to wrap the head, the head slightly raised about 15 degrees, let the neck rest on our hands, feet Raise the position up to 45 degrees, then use the nose to breathe, the mouth exhales, this time our attention, concentrated in the upper abdomen position, is a certain exercise in our abdomen.

Next, let’s start the cycling action. The other movements don’t do it. We just go to the west to raise the legs, the upper body stays the same, and then make the bicycle look. When we log out, the elbows in the opposite direction lean forward. Knee, this action uses our young women and flank strength, which makes it easy for us to form a vest line.

Do you have other methods or methods that can exercise the vest line? You can leave a comment in the comments below, let’s talk about it, thank you again for reading and sharing.

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