6 hands-on yoga mats, followed by fitness experts to easily create a vest line at home

If you ask a girl what body part do you most want to be successful in fitness? I believe most people will give the same answer, that is the vest line. The flat and firm belly is definitely the most concerned part of the girl. There are also many people who want to make small plans and suggestions. Today’s content will definitely meet your needs.

Girls want to have a perfect body, healthy and slim, can see muscle lines, but also show a charming curve, what career line, vest line, mermaid line can not be less, then, how to practice abdominal muscle vest line?

The fitness vest’s vest line is believed to be the favorite of many girls, but it is not easy for girls to practice muscle lines, especially the lower abdomen that tends to accumulate fat. It is difficult to make any changes.

If you want a vest line, but you don’t have time to go to the gym, then you can follow the fitness person below to start 6 abdominal exercises. It is not a problem to train the vest at home.

Sit back and forth alternately. The body is lying on the yoga mat, the back is attached to the ground to support the body, the head is off the ground in a natural state, the arms are hanging on both sides of the body, the palms face down, slightly raised. The legs are alternately swayed up and down to ensure the range of fitness exercises.

Sit on your back. The body is also lying on the yoga mat. This time, the head, upper body and palms of both hands are close to the ground. The legs are straight and the toes are close together. At the same time, they swing upwards and fall, and the highest point is at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Sit back and forth on the back and forth. The initial movement of this fitness action is similar to the supine up and down legs. The body is also lying on the yoga mat, but the legs alternately swing from top to bottom and alternately swing to the left and right. It seems that there is only one small change, and the stimulated muscle parts are different. Oh!

Sit back and leg extension. The initial movement of this fitness action is still to keep the waist and the ground consistently attached, the body is also lying on the yoga mat, the head is left floating, and the hands are slightly off the ground to maintain balance. The feet are close together, and the legs are suspended to make the knees straight and straight, and the straightening is completed twice, and so on.

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