6 hands-on yoga mats, followed by fitness experts to easily create a vest line at home

If you ask a girl what body part do you most want to be successful in fitness? I believe most people will give the same answer, that is the vest line. The flat and firm belly is definitely the most concerned part of the girl. There are also many people who want to make small plans and suggestions. Today’s content will definitely meet your needs.

Girls want to have a perfect body, healthy and slim, can see muscle lines, but also show a charming curve, what career line, vest line, mermaid line can not be less, then, how to practice abdominal muscle vest line?

The fitness vest’s vest line is believed to be the favorite of many girls, but it is not easy for girls to practice muscle lines, especially the lower abdomen that tends to accumulate fat. It is difficult to make any changes.

If you want a vest line, but you don’t have time to go to the gym, then you can follow the fitness person below to start 6 abdominal exercises. It is not a problem to train the vest at home.

Sit back and forth alternately. The body is lying on the yoga mat, the back is attached to the ground to support the body, the head is off the ground in a natural state, the arms are hanging on both sides of the body, the palms face down, slightly raised. The legs are alternately swayed up and down to ensure the range of fitness exercises.

Sit on your back. The body is also lying on the yoga mat. This time, the head, upper body and palms of both hands are close to the ground. The legs are straight and the toes are close together. At the same time, they swing upwards and fall, and the highest point is at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Sit back and forth on the back and forth. The initial movement of this fitness action is similar to the supine up and down legs. The body is also lying on the yoga mat, but the legs alternately swing from top to bottom and alternately swing to the left and right. It seems that there is only one small change, and the stimulated muscle parts are different. Oh!

Sit back and leg extension. The initial movement of this fitness action is still to keep the waist and the ground consistently attached, the body is also lying on the yoga mat, the head is left floating, and the hands are slightly off the ground to maintain balance. The feet are close together, and the legs are suspended to make the knees straight and straight, and the straightening is completed twice, and so on.

The emergence of smart yoga mats will help people better. Let’s take a look.

Nowadays, everyone’s life has changed a lot. From mobile phone to the Internet, it has always brought us convenience. Recently, a new smart yoga mat has been created. Let us look at what features it has.

Many of us have our own healthy lifestyle, and in the fast-growing cities, we face high-intensity work pressure every day. It is difficult to do something that we like, so we will do it at home. Some simple activities to alleviate the emotions to relieve stress, but many movements do not have such a standard to find a teacher, but there are many sacred objects in time to cause a lot of trouble, its emergence allows us to not go out of the house You can practice, and you can reach some of the standard postures.

From the shape we can see that there is no obvious difference from the ordinary one. In fact, it only has a relatively evenly distributed conductive object in the upper and lower layers of the mat. It can be rolled up without using it. Put it aside, you can see from the side that it is a three-layered object connected together, the middle layer is its most important part, using PVC material not only can not change shape under high temperature, and It has a piezoresistive sensor that can feel our palms and other parts of the body, and its lifespan is still very long.

And it’s also very simple to use, you can connect them with Bluetooth or a mobile phone, fill in some basic details of your body, then lie flat on it so that it can measure our wingspan and other proportions to record some data. These are for the convenience of us to prepare more accurately during the practice, and it will also require people to complete some basic actions to supervise the quality of our completion, its voice can correct our position and practice time. Gravity distribution, and it also has visual recognition function, which can more accurately see the center of our body to balance our state. After you complete the task, it will also display a message to the user to see the completion of everyone’s preparation. We help us adjust to the best through the form of pictures. We will keep track of each exercise and score our performance.

If a friend visits your home, you can let her experience it. At this time, there is no need to enter information. It can automatically identify the sixty different actions that the user has made. We can connect to ourselves. Tablet, see if everyone’s movements are normative, you can do better counseling, just like your own little teacher, you can see where you are standing, and estimate the weight added to the area so that we can make I am less vulnerable to some injuries, and I have added a lot of skills. Not only yoga, but also some functions such as Pilates.

Want to have abdominal muscles? Vest line? 1 yoga mat may help you solve it, try it out

Want to have abdominal muscles? Vest line? 1 yoga mat may help you solve it, try it out

First of all, then we should do a warm-up exercise first, put our back close to the floor, then lift our legs and use both hands to wrap the head, the head slightly raised about 15 degrees, let the neck rest on our hands, feet Raise the position up to 45 degrees, then use the nose to breathe, the mouth exhales, this time our attention, concentrated in the upper abdomen position, is a certain exercise in our abdomen.

Next, let’s start the cycling action. The other movements don’t do it. We just go to the west to raise the legs, the upper body stays the same, and then make the bicycle look. When we log out, the elbows in the opposite direction lean forward. Knee, this action uses our young women and flank strength, which makes it easy for us to form a vest line.

Do you have other methods or methods that can exercise the vest line? You can leave a comment in the comments below, let’s talk about it, thank you again for reading and sharing.

With just a yoga mat, you can open a new world of sports

Yoga mats are equipment that must be prepared to practice yoga, but in reality many people do not use yoga mats. Today, let us fully use yoga mats to practice. What are you familiar with the practice of today’s practice?

Sitting angle

Today, the first individual style is a sitting angle. You may not be familiar with the sitting angle. It is also very popular in the popular name. This posture allows the ligaments on the inside of the leg to be exercised to make the ligaments more elastic. If you have not done this before, it is recommended to adjust the angle between the legs according to your own situation to prevent excessive muscle strain.

Eight-body cast variant

This style can also make full use of the yoga mat to achieve the desired effect. The eight-body cast is the sixth individual in the yoga worship style, and its last action is the peak. Today I am studying the eight-body cast-style variant. First, the right knee is placed on the left leg on the right leg, the body is tilted downward, the chest and shoulders are close to the ground, and the hips are lifted up. This style is also very suitable for thinking about problems, when you do this action, the mood is very calm.

Lying horizontal variant

Lying flat on the yoga mat, the legs are straight, and the right leg is bent and the left hand grasps the thumb of the right foot. Be careful not to bend your back at this time, and do not shrink your neck. After that, the right leg is lifted straight toward the head, the waist is off the ground, and the left leg is hooked back, which allows the right leg to stretch upwards to the maximum extent. Irregular menstruation, people with unstable volume can practice this exercise more, and the body will become healthier.

Enhanced side extension variant

People who often feel that the back muscles are stiff and the legs are weak are trying to strengthen the side extension type to ensure that the medicine is removed. Standing naturally, the distance between the feet is greater than the shoulder width. Lift your hands up from your side and your arms parallel to the ground. The waist is twisted to the right while the cross and feet are also turned to the right. Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot to the right 75 degrees. The body is tilted down so that the head is close to the right knee, the hands are extended backwards, and the back of the left leg is aligned.

When you stand on a yoga mat, you are living for yourself

Eight-body cast variant

This style can also make full use of the yoga mat to achieve the desired effect. The eight-body cast is the sixth individual in the yoga worship style, and its last action is the peak. Today I am studying the eight-body cast-style variant. First, the right knee is placed on the left leg on the right leg, the body is tilted downward, the chest and shoulders are close to the ground, and the hips are lifted up. This style is also very suitable for thinking about problems, when you do this action, the mood is very calm.

Enhanced side extension variant

People who often feel that the back muscles are stiff and the legs are weak are trying to strengthen the side extension type to ensure that the medicine is removed. Standing naturally, the distance between the feet is greater than the shoulder width. Lift your hands up from your side and your arms parallel to the ground. The waist is twisted to the right while the cross and feet are also turned to the right. Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot to the right 75 degrees. The body is tilted down so that the head is close to the right knee, the hands are extended backwards, and the back of the left leg is aligned.

Yoga round yoga mat, practice yoga or use the appliance, do more with less

Beautiful body, pay attention to me to meet more beautiful body

Many people complain that the routines of some things are too deep, because you have not learned how to coordinate. The same is true for practicing yoga. Not only does it require your own efforts, but it also allows you to take a lot of detours with the help of auxiliary equipment. Are you ready for yoga mats and yoga rounds? Let’s start our refining today.


Before practicing yoga, it is best to do some warm-up exercises to get the best out of your body. You don’t know that the simple yoga posture of “handstand” can make your whole body warm. Although the inverted posture limits the movement of the hand, it gives the leg more inspiration.

Eagle inverted

The second individual we learn today is the “eagle-inverted”, which is actually a variant of the inverted three-dimensional. At this time, the yoga mat played a big role, at least when the body was refining, the palm would not be injured. This style requires the arm to be very powerful. After standing straight, the body is placed into a lower dog-like posture as a starting point. After standing upside down, keep your knees bent and place your left leg on your right leg. This style not only makes the body more beautiful, but also exercises the coordination of the body.


The “handstand” style has endless changes, and the key point of the third individual style is the stretching exercise of the legs. After standing upside down, the head leans back slightly, and the forehead touches the yoga wheel to relax the stiff muscles on the back. The legs are laterally opened to the sides of the body, in a straight parallel plane. This form of strong arm muscle also increases the medial thigh ligament.


“Wheel” and yoga wheel are more suitable. With the help of equipment, I believe you can last longer. If you are still worried about the color, then you must practice this style. It accelerates the blood circulation inside the body and makes your face more moisturizing and nourishing, more effective than tonic. And the yoga wheel can also help the active hip joints, which is really a good idea.

How to choose a yoga mat should be cleaned like this

When we practice yoga, we all need yoga supplies. Yoga mats are one of them. If we can’t use yoga mats well, it will give us a lot of obstacles to practice yoga. So how do you choose yoga mats? What are the classifications of yoga mats? How to clean yoga mats? Interested friends please see below.

How to choose a yoga mat

1. Press it with your thumb. If the marks appearing in the place where the yoga mat is pressed have not been bounced for a long time, it indicates that the elasticity is not enough. Many PVC mats are said to be 6MM, but the material is not enough at all, only about 1.1-1.2 KG, which will inevitably lead to insufficient density and poor elasticity.

Normally, the 1.4-1.5KG 6MM PVC mat is flexible enough to effectively protect the knee and soft tissue of the yoga practitioner.

2, wet a small piece of yoga mat, imitate the situation after sweating, see if it will slip. If it is slippery, the PVC foaming particles are too small. TPE mats generally do not slip.

3. Use an eraser yoga mat to try to find out if the material is easy to break. This is a good way to test PVC mats.

4, pay attention to the material of the yoga mat, choose environmentally friendly. Traditional yoga mats are made of PVC. PVC is a long-term source of plastic pollution that pollutes the environment. And the plastic smell emitted will also affect the effect of the exercise.

The taste of the mat of PVC material is impossible to eradicate, and it is non-toxic and tasteless.

5, environmentally friendly yoga mat made of natural latex, hemp and other natural materials, does not contain PVC, the current TPE is an environmentally friendly popular yoga mat.

Yoga mat classification

Its biggest selling point is environmental protection, which promotes itself as a degradable material compared to PVC. Relatively speaking, the taste is slightly smaller. It is also lighter and more convenient to carry. It is more wear-resistant than the average PVC mat surface, but it seems that the sweat absorption effect is not as good as PVC.


Natural, linen, jute material. Natural hemp is not stretchable, slightly rough, manufacturers generally deal with it, such as adding rubber latex, etc., will be heavier after processing.

PVC yoga mat

This is an environmentally-friendly yoga mat that has emerged in recent years. Even famous brands have produced TPE. It is a thermoplastic elastomer. It is easy to carry and affordable. The toughness and softness are the most advantageous ones.

It is the most common material on the market today. Compared with other yoga mats, its biggest advantage is its affordable price. This kind of mat has a uniform hole, a slightly denser density, and an anti-cracking cloth. However, everyday use is also normal.

The disadvantage of PVC is that the process may release some harmful gases. So the new mat will have a taste. The embossed anti-slip lines that have been used for a long time are generally scattered.

However, the processing process uses glue to adhere, and the glue water may harm the environment and the body. Therefore, the material used for the glue is also the focus of the manufacturer’s choice.

Natural rubber yoga mat is a yoga mat extracted from rubber resin. The inner additives are processed on food grade. It can be naturally oxidized and decomposed in the natural environment. Even if the fabric or two-color fit, it is made of natural rubber. The characteristics, no glue at all, are currently taken from the natural and most environmentally friendly materials on the market.

Latex yoga mat

Latex is also extracted from rubber resin. The immersion method is combined with the surface linen. It does not use glue at all, and the slip resistance is excellent, but the elasticity and recovery force are not good.

Those who have high natural protein sputum and are severely allergic should be carefully checked before use. On the cleaning, use water to wipe or stain with a little soapy water, put it in a cool and ventilated place in the room, and then put it up. It is recommended that the student bring their own yoga mat. As long as it is free of hygiene concerns, there are many kinds of commercially available yoga mats. Personal needs continue to make choices.

How to clean the yoga mat

1. Fill the basin with clean water, add the washing solution, and mix well.

2. Put the towel into the washbasin, damp the towel and wring the towel.

3. Wipe the yoga mat with a towel and wipe off the dirt.

4. Put the washbasin on the water, wash the towel, and repeat the washing with a clean towel several times to wipe the washing liquid.

5. Hang the yoga mat in the shade to dry.

Note: Do not expose to the sun.

The yoga mat is soft and elastic, and it is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. It can effectively reduce the pain of contact between the body and the ground. The school stand yoga mat is light in weight and small in size, and can be rolled up for collection and convenient to carry.

Note on choosing a yoga mat

The choice of yoga mat should be targeted. Generally, the practitioner who is doing yoga first can choose a thick mat, such as 6mm thick, the domestic size is 173X61; if there is a certain foundation, the thickness can be selected from 3.5mm ~ 5mm; More than 1300 grams of mats (because some manufacturers’ mats are stolen for cheap).

Most of the classrooms now offer so-called public mats, which are common yoga mats that everyone uses during class. Some teachers even put a layer of protective pads in the classroom, so you don’t have to use mats when you go to class. Most of the students use this type of mat because they don’t want to go to work with their mats and run around. However, if you are interested in learning a period of time, it is best to use your own mat, on the one hand you can clean, more sanitary; you can also choose a suitable mat according to your personal situation.

Use yoga to start your most sincere conversation with your heart and find yourself again.

If you want to practice yoga well, you must choose a fixed environment that suits you. The general yoga places are relatively quiet. Of course, some behavior lovers can take their yoga mats to the wilderness of no one to make a sincere. Yoga that talks to nature, I believe that you will feel a lot of different reasons.

There is no point in practicing yoga, and you have to try your favorite yoga. Try to feel the change of each style as much as possible. This is what yoga people should do.

If you want to practice yoga well, the most important thing is to understand yoga. If you are just stupid to imitate the movements of other yoga people, then your yoga is without any soul. It must be remembered that only the true meaning of yoga, the nature of your yoga, is bloody and fleshy, and you will also have a strong interest in yoga.

A very easy one, no difficulty, more suitable for beginners as a hot body, interested friends do not forget to collect. He rubbed the muscles of the whole body on the ground, then his hips slammed into the air, and the two legs bent to the ground and the arms were straight in front of the body.

Now practicing yoga doesn’t require you to choose a professional yoga venue. You can do it in any place, even in a corner, if your mood is adapted to yoga.

Supporting the ground with one leg is the most important thing to keep the balance of the body. The small companion has a small coup. You can focus on one place and throw your own distracting thoughts. Standing on one leg and knees tightly, the body bends forward while the hind legs extend backwards, allowing the body to form a circle.

I hope that everyone can integrate yoga into their own life, regard him as a part of your life, and take your yoga mat to an empty space every day in your leisure time to relax your mood.

Just need a yoga mat, no matter where you are, you can let yourself thin out the vest line

Many girls are desperately trying to get rid of the vest line. They insist on dieting and exercise every day. Occasionally, because of the trivial break, the time for practicing the vest line is extended. Xiao Mi tells you that it is not so difficult to train the vest line. You only need a yoga mat. You can easily build the vest line whenever and wherever you want. Come and practice the following style with Xiao Mi.


1. The legs are close together and the body is flat on the mat;

2. Straighten your arms up and prop up the upper body;

3. The head leans back slightly for 30 seconds.

This style is mainly to relax the body, relax the muscles of the whole body, lay the foundation for the following body style, let the body stretch the muscles better and more fully when doing the following posture, prevent the damage caused by the muscle stiffness, affect the exercise effect. .


1. The legs cross the knees and sit on the mats;

2. Place your hands on your knees and take a deep breath to relax your body;

3. Maintain this action for 30 seconds.

This posture can effectively promote the blood circulation of the whole body, adjust the surrounding atmosphere, let the surrounding breath concentrate on the abdomen, maintain the normal heat required for bodily functions, consume excess energy, excrete excess water, balance the rate of metabolism, but do Be careful to keep your mind calm and not be anxious.


1. The disc sits on the mat and the legs are bent inward;

2. The left leg is raised straight to the left side on the waist side, and the toes are straightened upwards and grasped by the right hand;

3. The body leans slightly to the right, and the left hand naturally sag to maintain the body balance;

4. Do this for 15 seconds and change to another leg.

This style is mainly to stretch the muscles of the waist by stretching the muscles of the legs, making the waist more powerful, moving the muscles around the side of the waist, eliminating excess flesh on the side of the waist, so as to be more conducive to the vest line. form.

1. First, stand steadily on the ground with your legs together;

2. When the left leg is bent forward, the right leg is straightened backwards, and the posture of “pressing the leg” is made;

3. The hands are straight up and slightly extended backwards, and the palms are opposite;

4. After this posture is held for 15 seconds, the right leg is forward and the left leg is backward.

When doing this pose, pay attention to the front and back toes, the waist slightly backwards, and the back straight, so that you can stretch the waist muscles better, thus eliminating the abdominal fat and shaping the slender muscle curve.

Practice yoga? Be sure to have a high-value yoga mat to be motivated

Sugarmat is a professional yoga brand from the port city of Montreal in southeastern Canada, founded in 2014. It is designed by a group of stylish and lively people in Montreal, Canada, and is full of vibrancy. Sugarmat is designed to enhance your fitness and make you feel like you are in the yoga room.

Sugarmat has always been concerned with yoga, especially when it comes to yoga practitioners spending time on yoga mats. Because for anyone, finding a favorite yoga mat is not an easy task. Therefore, Sugarmat has always put the yogis’ intentions on yoga in mind, and all the products are designed to help the yogis find a feeling of peace, comfort and pleasure. To protect the planet, Sugarmat’s yoga mats are made from 100% natural rubber, and the mats and packaging are biodegradable and recyclable.

On November 28th, 2017, at the Shanghai Center, No. 27 Hengshan Road, the fashion yoga brand Sugarmat store in Montreal, Canada, and the first yoga lifestyle experience store in China. The soft pink shop reflects the fun of the Sugarmat and the fashion life attitude of the yogi. Showcasing the latest collections of Sugarmat yoga mats, as well as the latest developments in scented candles, multi-functional yoga mat sprays, and an array of yoga accessories.

“Sugarmat has never concealed its trend, fashion and fun. Sugarmat expects to bring guests a relaxed and rich atmosphere, allowing them to experience the high-end lifestyle boutique. Guests can choose their favorite yoga mat and Sugarmat’s “Millennium Powder” sofa sip healthy and soothing tea. Sugarmat’s shop staff is warm and friendly, and the knowledge of yoga is also very comprehensive,” said Hemakal Gani, founder of Sugarmat.

Sugarmat’s founder, Heikal Gani, is from a tropical country in Singapore and graduated from Victoria University in Canada. He is also a design enthusiast. When Heikal Gani practiced yoga in a yoga class two years ago, he felt that the monochrome yoga mat was a bit boring. He felt that yoga products should be more personalized and fashionable, so Sugarmat was born in early 2016.

After coming to Shanghai for work, Heikal Gani was deeply attracted by the romantic and unique historical style. Later he lived from Shaoxing Road to Wanping Road. Of course, Sugarmat’s headquarters is still in Montreal.

Sugarmat is committed to bringing beautiful and stylish yoga mats to yoga practitioners to help them find peace, comfort and balance. The Montreal-based Sugarmat design team continues to draw inspiration and inspiration from fashion shows, fashion trends, architecture and nature.